Pocket Pet Box: December Pre-Order

$34.99 $29.99


Pocket Pet Box: December Pre-Order

$34.99 $29.99


This is a pre-order for the launch of Pocket Pet Box. The box will be shipped on December 1st.

You will get a 14% discount for ordering our first box and being one of our early founding members! Take advantage of this pre-order now because it will close for orders on November 15th.

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The theme of this box is Sweet Treats, and you will receive an adorable assortment of never-before-seen toys and treats for you and your pet to enjoy, including:

  • An ice cream truck hideout/foraging toy
    • This box is printed by an American Bakery with eco-friendly soy-based inks that meet strict safety requirements for food-safe packaging.
    • Made from a thick and sturdy paper-board, your small pet will adore using this ice cream truck as a safe hideout spot, for chewing and customizing to their liking, or for a foraging box. The enrichment opportunities are endless!
  • Foraging mix
    • Specially formulated to be ideal for rats, mice, hamsters, and gerbils, this mix contains herbs and seeds that your pet will go crazy foraging for.
    • All ingredients are natural and are 100% safe for your pet, PLUS they add a wonderfully diverse supplement to your pet’s diet with added health benefits
    • The small pieces are perfect to encourage natural foraging behaviors and bring enrichment to your pet’s life
    • Discover and support a small US-based business that is committed to pet health and safety
  • Ice Cream Chew Toy
    • What’s an ice cream truck without ice cream? Give your pet a healthy ice cream cone that encourages natural chewing behaviors and healthy teeth
    • A hollow center that can be filled with treats for extra enrichment activities
    • Made from all-natural components and assembled in the USA
    • A Pocket Pet Box original, you won’t find this anywhere else!
  • Plus 2 mystery items
    • Following the theme of sweet treats, these 2 mystery items are sure to delight you and your pet when you see them! We won’t spoil the surprise for when you open your box.
  • Bonus: The shipping box is a toy too!
    • Because we are committed to being eco-friendly, the box that your items ship in will also be printed with soy-based inks that will be safe for your pet to enjoy.
    • The box will also be themed with sweet treats and will make an adorable cage decoration that your pet can use as a hideout and cardboard chew toy.


Note: This is a one-time order for our first box. Subscription options that automatically renew will be available starting in December, so stay tuned if you are looking forward to our subscription service!


This is a limited-time opportunity to become a founding member and enjoy our very first box with exclusive items, so place your order now!